Hand Vascular Pattern Recognition System (HVPRS)

Hand Vascular Pattern Recognition System (HVPRS) identify individual human by differentiate his or her hand vascular pattern. The VP II-X is currently the only system that performs Hand Vascular Recogntion.

The vascular pattern cannot be seen by the naked eye and is not easily affected by scars or contamination of hands. This results in no performance degradation in harsh environments, makes it 100% tamper-proof and eliminates privacy concerns with other biometric modalities. This solution can be implemented as single-door or multiple doors access control as well as attenance verification.

Product Features & Specifcation

  • User Capacity : 50,000
  • Logs Capacity : 500,000
  • False Rejection Rate (FAR): 0.01%
  • False Acception Rate (FRR):0.0001%
  • Verification Speed :0.04 Sec
  • Enrollment Speed : 0.04 Sec
  • Interface :Ethernet/Wiegand/RS232
  • Card Supported :Mifare Classic
  • Operating Power :DC 12V 1.5A
  • Weight :820g
  • Dimension :110 (W) x 200(H) x 130(D)